Monday, January 28, 2008

Bordeaux Sampling - The Dinner Everyone Should Have Atleast Once!

Yesterday I had the priviledge to join a wine dinner with Benoit Trocard, a young hip winery owner from Bordeaux that has his own winery with an American partner. Benoit Trocard's family comes from a lineage of distinct wine producers from the Bordeaux Region on the East Bank, more specifically Saint Emilion. Their wines include Clos Dubreil, Trocard, and Clos de la Vielle Eglise, all from St. Emillion. His wines are absolutely fantastic. Its a definitive Grand Cru with a limited production of only 5000 cases. Benoit is just like myself, a young man with a deep passion for wine, only that with Benoit, its in his blood for almost 400 years which to me is absolutely amazing to me. His wines are going to be part of my collection from this day on...

Anyways, we had a bottle of 1998 Dom Perignon, a magnum of 1986 Cheval Blanc, two bottles of 1996 Chateau Ausone, the 2003 Clos Dubreil, and a undisclosed vintage of Harlen Cabernet which was whipped out late in the evening. What a fantastic and truely amazing opportunity this was however it changed when we had to disclose our choice. In the end, I selected the Chateau Ausone, followed by the Trocard, followed by the most expensive of the selection the Cheval Blanc. Perhaps I should have been shot, but hey, I love the old bordeaux chateau legacies, however I expeced a more bountiful bouquet and a little more complexity the fruits and tannins. I got a tremendous rush with the Dubreil. All in all, I had a great time at the dinner and the company was fantastic. I have a great job and it allows me to meet great people!

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