Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Direct Shipping Laws in Maryland and New Mexico

Just got some great news today! Maryland has bills in the House and Senate that will allow for direct shipments of wine into Maryland by retailers. This comes as a great surprise as Maryland is one of those archaic staunch supporters of wholesale protectionists. I believe this will be a super deal for Maryland residents.

On another note, Tom Wark from the Specialty Wine Retailers Association sent me the following and asked me to send this out. It is important for NM residents and for EVERYONE for that matter:

New Mexico Senate Bill 59 is a very positive piece of legislation that would create a permit for out-of-state retailers and wineries allowing them to ship up to 24 cases per year to an individual consumer annually. It provides for shippers to pay NM tax and gives NM jurisdiction over out-fo-state shippers as well as has safeguards against minors obtaining wine.

Wholesalers are looking to kill this bill and likely will unless we can generate significant phone calls and emails to the members of the NW House Business & Industry Committee that will hear SB 59 TOMORROW.

If you know anyone in NM, please ask them to call their representatives!

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