Monday, April 28, 2008

Denman Moody's Wine Blog Report

Tom Jordan has silently turned over CEO duties for his Alexander Valley winery to his son John. To his credit, it doesn't seem that John has changed anything. I imagine his theory would mirror mine: Why **** up a good thing? I'll be visiting John this summer to get a little more in-depth on this issue. I was actually one of the first writers to rave about the first release, 1976. Most California Cabernets were around $4 or $5, and were not very good. The better ones, like Heitz Martha's Vineyard, were over $20, but needed some bottle age. The fabulous '76 Jordan, which I served blind to change Francophile's minds into the early '80s, was gorgeous, ready to drink and about $10 at Spec's in Houston. One writer said I overscored it because he didn't think it would age well. My response, "So don't age it--drink it now--it's fabulous!" The '78 was even better, and for the last umpteen years, Jordan Cabernet has been in the top 5 (usually top 2 or 3) Cabernets sold in fine restaurants in the U.S.

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You tell 'em Denman! He who shall not be named is probably the same wine writer that works for one of the most easily influenced Wine magazineS. :-)