Friday, May 30, 2008

Charles de Fère Blanc de Blanc

It’s Friday so I thought I would write about something that will kick start all of our weekends…a “value-priced” bottle of Chardonnay. Less than $10 that is. On top of that, it tastes rather fantastic. You might be thinking to yourself, well what is the name of it…the suspense is killing me! Well wait no longer my friend, it is Charles de Fère Blanc de Blanc. This sparkling Chardonnay has profound, rich flavors of apple, spice, and butter, with a smooth texture and intricate finish. I love to start out my night with this or drink it with my appetizers. So go ahead and get your weekend started with a refreshing glass of wine without worrying about breaking the bank! Cheers!

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On Mymind said...

I had this at a reception and loved it! I guess I'll have to mail order because I can't find it in any liquor store in Manhattan, NY. What a bummer!