Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fall Creek Meritus 2004, by Denman Moody

Fall Creek Meritus 2004 - Susan and Ed Auler are proprietors of Fall Creek Vineyards in the Texas Hill Country. Even though Ed had been making wine for years, he asked me around 1987 who he should get to do some serious wine consulting to improve the already high quality of his wines. I arranged an introduction to my friend and top wine consultant in the U.S., Andre Tchelistcheff, a man who fled Russia just before the 1917 revolution, and kick-started the entire California wine industry in the '30s and '40s with his B.V. Private Reserve Cabernets. Unknown to most - even other Texas winemakers - Andre helped Ed for several years. Zooming to the present, Ed asked me to taste a wine blind recently. I guessed it was the 2004 B.V. Private Reserve Cabernet. Ed was proud to unveil the bottle and it was the 2004 Fall Creek Meritus!! The student learned from the master!

-Denman Moody, owner of & acclaimed wine writer

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