Monday, June 30, 2008

Step-a-side Sideways, Merlot is back and kickin'!

I saw the movie, I liked it. It was witty, intelligent, informational. However, no matter which way you looked at it Miles was not a Merlot lover. Well, Merlot is looking to make a comeback in its on respect with the movie Merlove. You probably guessed it from the title, but this movie glorifies the Merlot, putting it in a more favorable spotlight. Here is a summary of the movie off of its website: “Merlove is a documentary celebrating Merlot wine in response to the movie Sideways. Have the courage to embark on your own wine adventure. Merlove will help you learn more about wine, but it is your own experience that will guide your personal journey. As you try new wines you will gain love and appreciation for the gifts that wine can bring. Like anything in life, wine can be enjoyed and enhanced by sharing it with others. The bottom line is good wine is good wine and bad wine is bad wine, but that should not stop the adventure. The message of Merlove is that no single grape varietal should be singled out as superior or inferior to others. Enjoy as we interweave documentary style film making with the animation of a bottle of Merlot wine named “Merlove” who must find a way to fill itself with love when aimlessly tossed into the ocean of mediocre Merlot wine.

We want people to know that Merlot is ready to be loved again by all and remember that every vintage has a new story to tell…” I think the movie has a great message. Don’t knock something ‘till you try it. I think that should apply not only to Merlot’s, but the wine world in general. People sometimes get their mind set and can’t break out of the box. However, when you open up your mind and your palette you just might be surprised. If you go check it out, please comment and let us know!


merlove said...


This is Rudy McClain the Director of Merlove. Thanks so much for your comments on Merlove. Soooooo glad you liked it! I am editing and adding additional animation now. We would love to hear more feedback: what you liked, disliked, too long, too short, confusing, hilarious, I want to see more of that...

Whatever your comments, they will help is improve the movie. Please email your feedback to



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Personal Wine said...

Rudy, thanks for your contribution. Not only do I hope it brings you lots of money, but I hope it brings back the most popular and widely consumed varietal in the country...!