Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wine at the County Fair? Sure, why not!

Ahh the county fair. A time for cotton candy, sodas, rides that have barely passed safety inspections, and miniature animals. But a time for walking around with a glass of wine? Not really what I remember from my childhood.
However, this year at the New York state fair they are allowing participants of the fair to walk around with 10 ounce cups of wine. Quite interesting if you ask me. At many of the county and state fairs I have been to beer has always been allowed in certain areas of the fair, but you never really saw people walking around with it.
So here comes the big question…why? According the article that I found, Senator John DeFrancisco hopes that by allowing people to drink the wine wherever they please, it will “encourage more of the fair-goers to sample New York’s wine varieties.”
I like the idea, and I hope it works. I am all about getting people to try new wines. So good for you New York, and I hope it works! Way to be the wine guinea pig for us all...

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