Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wine Storage II....On the Go!

In lieu of the tips we gave a few days back on wine storage, I wanted to share with you this very interesting endeavor by a couple in Paso Robles. Part of the appeal of traveling through Northern California’s Wine Country is the ability to transport yourself into a world where you can try wine that is normally inaccessible by most people in “big city,” USA. Also, a trip to wine country means coming home with bottles that were special to you on your trip which makes sharing with friends extra special. The issue with buying vintage wine and wine that should be stored while on vacation… where are you going to store it?
Safe Haven offers wine country travelers a place to store wines for an extended period of time so that way they can choose to drink the wine whenever they so choose, or have it shipped to their house safely once they return from vacation. I love the concept of Safe Haven, and see this place being quite successful for a number of reasons. For one, I can see many wineries teaming up with Safe Haven to accommodate their customers in order to get their name out. Also, the base price of Safe Haven is rather affordable to begin with.Next time you are on a trip through the wine country, perhaps you should look up Safe Haven to safely store your favorite find.

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