Thursday, September 4, 2008

1977 Graham's Vintage Port Millenium

Last August, I received the gift from a friend who mistakenly thought I was born in 1977. Of course, I didn't say anything because the gift was really outstanding.... 2 magnums of 1977 Graham's Vintage Port in pristine condition. I thought about putting them into my collection but hey, temptation got the best of me. I have an affinity to colheitas however after reading about 1977, I must say this person did well indeed in terms of gift giving. In no way do I expect gifts as it sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable but..... The 1977 Graham's is outstanding. Its still a bit young, but definitely complex, jammy, with a floral bouquet on the nose which really surprised me. On the palate its got structure and definitely displays hints of ripe plum, dark berries, anise, and some earth tones that really made this port finish well, however I think it could use a couple more years of cellaring so I vacuumed it up and put it back into safe keeping. Its really unlike any other port I've had with the exception of the 2003 Taylor Fladgate which I do not intend to open for another 20 years. If its on the shelf, and you have some extra bones in the pocket, snag it quickly!

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