Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Enjoyin' the Ride

Never drink Champagne on a roller coaster. The bubbles will wreak havoc on your sinuses. Never drink red wine on a roller coaster. You'll never get the stains out, and the passengers behind you will fear that you are bleeding out. Never drink heavy, oaky white wines on a roller coaster. They're just not applicable to the wild ride. Never drink sweet wines on a roller coaster. What with all of the cotton candy and all, you've had enough sweets. While riding a roller coaster, be sure to drink a light, crisp white wine. Something Italian. The Italian winemaking regions known for their great whites range from Trentino-Alto Adige (producing the world's best pinot grigios) and the Veneto in the northeast, through Umbria (and it's Orvietos) down to Campania (Greco di Tufo & Fiona di Avellino - these are arguably Italy's best whites). A Sicilian Vernaccia would ride very well in a roller coaster. While you're having a wild ride, it's important not to splash these wonderful whites on your fellow passengers. Although it's true that there's enough soaking to go around these days, you don't want to add to it. Savor your wine while you ride the roller.

Cheers, Buckley Wineholt

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