Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Parducci Organic Winery

Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Mendocino County you'll find a true family success story, in the form of the Parducci Winery. Located in Ukiah, Parducci has certainly seen its ups and downs.  But it's certainly riding the crest of a big "up" right now.  My friend Tim Thornhill, a partner in the current operation, was determined to "reunite our extended family on several hundred acres of land where we could grow something".  That was 2002. 

In a few short years the family turned around a winery that needed turning around, and today the Mendocino Wine Group, based at Parducci, produces nearly a quarter of a million cases of wine. Parducci purchases grapes from local family farms, who pride themselves on protecting the environment through certified farming practices; exercizing carbon neutrality (America's first) and extensively utilizing solar power, renewable energy, placing emphasis on re-use and recycling, using earth-friendly packaging- these are but a few of the reasons why Parducci was chosen by the team here at Wines.com to lead off our National Wildlife Federation Organic Wine Club.  Plus, we love their wines & think that they are a steal at their modest price-points.  

The Pinot Noir offers distinct Mendocino spicy mintiness, with ripe berry and chocolate undertones. The refreshing Sauvignon Blanc provides aromas of lemon and tropical fruits with zesty citrus and melon flavors. Bright flavors of juicy pear and ripe apple define their Chardonnay, wrapped lightly by a creamy oak accent.  

Tim views Mendocino County as a great, undiscovered land where history, agriculture, fresh air, natural beauty and warm-spirited people create a comfortable lifestyle. "I see Parducci as a way for our family to work together to benefit the community while improving things environmentally".  Having recently been the guests of the winery, seeing and tasting the fruits of their efforts, I wholeheartedly agree.  We here at Wines.com support their efforts, and invite you to do so by subscribing to Wines.com's National Wildlfe Federation Organic Wine Club, with some of the proceeds from each subscription going to support the NWF.

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