Monday, November 3, 2008

The Power of Diversity

There are few wineries that consistently produce a wide variety of great wines at great prices year in and year out.  One of our perennial favorites is the Peter Lehmann Winery.  Making wonderful wines in Australia's Barossa Valley, few wineries can offer as many acclaimed wines at such reasonable prices. Given my affinity for red blends, it's no surprise that I've been a huge fan of Lehmann's Clancy's for many years. A bold, robust mix of cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and merlot, Clancy's really over-delivers at it's modest price-point. With the 2004 vintage scoring 90 Wine Spectator points, and the 2005 coming in a great vintage year in Australia, this is a wine not to miss. Lehmann's '05 Shiraz garnered a 91 pt. WS score, and the shiraz component of the '05 Clancy's is clearly the headliner of this star-studded show. A variety of dark fruits is proffered, with black cherry and plum predominating. The spice palate is shot through with everything from allspice to white pepper. Aussies are well-known for blending the distinctly diverse flavors of cab and shiraz, and Lehmann does so to great effect. The merlot component softens the package, providing finesse with it's rounding qualities. It is on sale at for $13.99/bottle (typically $20) with free shipping on a case.  Call 800-690-WINE and mention the "Diversity Special".

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