Monday, September 13, 2010

The Holiday Label Design Contest

 I'll start with the good stuff. is hosting a Holiday Label Design Contest. Its incredibly simple, takes no time at all, and provides a nice distraction during your busy day. There are going to be 4 giveaways this holiday season!!! (Two bottle sets valued at $75 each) That means if you didn't win the first time, create a new label the next time and you could WIN too! (PLZ RT w/ #LabelDesign)

The Winner will receive:
    A Two Bottle set valued at $75
    Your Label Will be the Featured Label for sale on
    Your Label will be featured on WineCrushBlog ('s Blog)
    Your Label will be featured on the PersonalWine Blog 
    Not to mention massive Twitter & Facebook exposure!!  


General Holiday Theme
Post Blog: Monday Sept. 13th
Winner Chosen: Monday Sept. 20th
Label up on Wen. Sept. 22nd
Halloween Theme
Post Blog: Monday Oct. 4th
Winner Chosen: Monday Oct. 11th
Label up on Wen. Oct. 13th

Thanksgiving Theme
Post Blog: Monday Nov. 8th
Winner Chosen: Monday Nov. 15th
Label up on Wen. Nov. 17th

Winter Theme
Post Blog: Monday Dec. 6th
Winner Chosen: Monday Dec. 13th
Label up on Wen. Nov. 15th

------------------------------------------------HOW TO ENTER-----------------------------------------

I. Go to and create an account. Its fast, easy, and needed to start the designing process.

II. Then you can start the designing your Holiday Label. There is a in-house design program HERE where you can choose from templates, or you can start from scratch, or even upload images via the "Upload a Design" Button.

III. Once you have created a label Save It! (remember what you name it)

IV. Lastly email us at:
           In the Subject Line write "PersonalWine Holiday Label Contest"
           In the email include your:
                   a) Name
                   b) Email Address
                   c) Name of the Label Design you saved

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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