Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Personal Wine Welcomes You to 2012!

Its 2012, the year of the Dragon in the Chinese Calendar. The symbol of the Dragon in Chinese culture is not a symbol of a malicious beast, as the Western World has made it out to be. In ancient Chinese culture the dragon is a symbol of the divine beast, the deliverer of good fortune, honor and respect.

The Dragon, and people who share the Dragon qualities, include inhibition, confidence, ambition, fearlessness and generosity. There is the Dragon in all of us, big or small, and we're all survivors, winners, and people who want to give on some level. If you're on this site or know anything about Personal Wine, we're some serious Dragons over here. We breath fire, we hustle, and we dominate in the world of personalized wine because we have passion in making people happy with our wine, labels and service.

Whatever you choose to believe, symbolism is the most powerful tool in our society. Its applied, recognized and believed by all. You see it everyday when you hit a "stop", "yield" or "go" sign. You tune into the tv or internet and see it on the news whether its peace sign or fist. You pay the tab at your local coffee spot and rightfully acknowledge the dollar, euro or RMB sign. This year pay attention to three specific symbols... the Dragon, the plus sign (adding someone as a friend or connecting with a long lost friend or loved one) and most importantly the Heart symbol.

From myself and my peers at Personal Wine, we wish peace, prosperity, and good health to you all.

Alex Andrawes
CEO, Founder
(512) 476-9463 ext 301

Order by February 7th at 12PM CST to receive by Valentine's Day.

It takes 1-3 days to produce your order and 2-5 days to receive your order. Therefore you will receive your wine within 7-8 business days (Mon-Fri). If you want your wine to be delivered sooner, please select 2 Day or Overnight Shipping. If you need it delivered inside a range of dates, then please add that info in your order notes so we can accommodate your request.

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