Sunday, March 30, 2008

When Wine Meets Fashion....Very Cool

So its pretty understandable why a fashion designer would want to launch his or her own wine, heck lots of people are doing it like Mike Ditka. Well I met with Bevmax CEO Mike Berkoff and he told me about a project that he brought back from the dead. A Vins de Pays combined with Christian Audigier's unique fashion sense, brings Cool Wines. Its being distributed by Southern Wines, so you can expect them in stores near you. They'll be bottling wines under this brand, but sourcing from vineyards world wide. Expect varietals from New Zealand and Chile next...


Amy said...

I love wine !!! I am adding your blog link to my blog and I will look you up on myspace. You can find me under

Will you be doign any features on Italian wines ?
Alla Salute !


Personal Wine said...

Your jewelry designs are very nice. Congrats and I am so happy to hear that you love wines! Feel free to contribute and I am working on a couple italian wine deals right now so stay tuned.