Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gargiulo Vineyards Visit

Yesterday we visited Gargiulo Vineyards, our newest addition to the Personal Wine line up that we are featuring in an upcoming promotion. Garguilo is located on Oakville Crossroads nestled between Rudd and Screaming Eagle and across the street from Harlan's property. I was very fortunate to get April Gargiulo to give us a personal tour. The winery itself is new and constructed from organic and recycled materials giving it tremendous charm and personality. April was kind enough to taste us on their Pinot Grigio, which was clean and crisp with a gentle bite. I tried their Chardonnay at room temperature and was pleasantly surprised at its texture and complexity, not too dry, and definitely not buttery. The highlight was the Money Road Cabernet which had just the right amount of fruit, medium body, and some deep earth tones with a hint of licorice. This wine is absolutely fantastic.

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