Thursday, April 17, 2008

2005 Janzen Napa Valley Cabernet...Marvelous!

I've seen some incredible vintages come from Rutherford in 2005 but this along with the Gargiulo are perhaps my favorites to date. This cabernet was in my opinion much better than the Napa Reserve from Harlan and at a better price point as well. On the nose it opens up with aromatic hints marmalade, pepper, and well rounded floral bouquet. The perfect balance of fruit combined with hints of pepper, slight earth tones as well as a not-too dry, well balanced finish. Blended from the fruit of the famed Georges III vineyard in Rutherford with near-legendary To Kalon. Made by legendary wine makers Nils and Kirk Venge.

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Vintage Rehab by Stacey Andrawes said...

Recently, I was at a wine tasting where this 2005 Janzen Napa Valley Cabernet was served. I am a red wine lover and must say that this cabernet stood out among the rest. I couldn't help but come back for seconds. Since then, I have been on a hunt to buy a case of it, but it is extremely exclusive and difficult to get. Luckily, I found it at and what a bargain for an amazing wine!