Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2006 Truchard Chardonnay

Yesterday I gave you a little lesson on Chardonnay. Today, I am going to review one particular California Chardonnay to show you how to use some of the skills that I taught you yesterday and apply them. The wine I will be looking at today is Truchard’s 2006 Chardonnay. Many California Chardonnays are either crisp and refreshing, or filling and satisfying, depending on the climate where the grapes are grown. You might have figured out that crisp Chardonnays grow in cooler climates and filling grow in warmer climates. What is unique about Truchard’s Chardonnay is it is a unique blend of satisfying and refreshing because of the Carneros region where its grapes are grown is cool for much of the morning and rather warm throughout the day. It has a consistent and harmonious flavor that is pleasing to many palettes. I would recommend this wine with seafood dishes or poultry because of the ripe fruit flavors that are mellowed out by the vanilla and spice. Cheers!

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