Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chardonnay 101

Even for the somewhat knowledgeable, Chardonnay’s can be a difficult wine to decipher. Chardonnay comes in many variations, depending on what region it comes from, and has the ability to blend smoothly with a variety of other grapes. Chardonnay can be a component of French Chablis, Champagne, and more commonly Burgundy. Because Chardonnay is used in so many other wines it is often difficult for wine drinkers to recognize its flavor. When drinking Chardonnay it is important to note how to recognize the quality of your wine. High quality Chardonnay has the ability to be served at just below room temperature and remain tasty. An average Chardonnay needs to be chilled quite a bit more, and so on and so forth. Chablis goes well with seafood, particularly delicate fish, because it is the driest. California and Australian Chardonnays are much fruitier, so I wouldn’t try them with seafood unless you are cooking it with a lot of flavors. I think that California Chardonnays are even great with poultry on the grill. Just give it a go! Cheers!

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