Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to Wine School Sale!

Its August right now, many of us are entrenched in family vacation, sports, travel, and best of all drinking great wines. We're seeing lots of great deals on wines coming this fall including some Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet, and a few others to accentuate the wine list on Personal Wine. We're very excited to prices low, service high while most importantly setting a high benchmark for quality in wine, labels, and etchings. Whether you are looking for a custom wedding gift, retirement party favor, launch party gift, or convention swag, we've got it here on Personal Wine. The results you get with Personal Wine is so good you can literally taste it.

As we roll into September, October, November, December we invite you to take advantage of pre-purchasing your holiday gifts at Personal Wine. We've got almost everything on sale, and discounted 30% off most items, even up to 50% off with free shipping on some of the higher end wine selections. Did you know we can easily send out one bottle to one customer starting under $30? In a year like this, we want to show gratitude, while not overdoing it. Its important to show business partners, employees, family and friends that we care enough to send a thoughtful gift. Even better when it doesn't break the bank and it tastes great. I guarantee you that a bottle of wine, personalized with a label or etched will impress and give you a good headstart in 2010.

Written by Alex Andrawes CEO, Founder (512) 476-9463 ext 304 (that's me on the right, glass in hand inspecting the future)

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