Monday, September 21, 2009

Celebrity Wines & the Price Quality Ratio Conundrum

What do Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Dan Ackroyd have in common? They all have their own wines. How a celebrity (some posthumously) can create and market their wines leaves some mystified and curious. Just last week, Frank Sinatra himself resurrected from his grave to launch his own wines. He specifically told the press via email that he was "unavailable" for comment after a particular member of his entourage spilled the beans stating that "Ol' blue eyes like Jack Daniels, not wine." While its always entertaining to see how a celebrity can yield their powers towards charity and enterprise, few actually have anything whatsoever to do with the actual wine-making, simply lending the name in the spirit of private enterprise. Whether the wines are good or unpalatable, should be left up to the fans to decide. Please do leave comments and tell us what you think about their wines!

Two most important factors in choosing wines are price relative to quality.
Quality Price Ratio is a term that industry people, collectors and simple wine enthusiasts look for consciously or subconsciously when buying wines. Independent reviews lend a hand to oenophiles by slapping a 0-100 point score on a wine, but is there really a difference between a 90 point wine at $20 and a 90 point wine at $100? Is the difference substantial to warrant such a difference and is the enjoyment? When a wine buyer selects inventory for their store, QPR and availability should be the two largest factors in their buying decisions. An inexpensive wine is only good if it passes a set of criteria that gives it credibility as a "best buy." Best buy wines are characterized as "bang for your buck" and exhibit the characteristics of the wine varietal with excellence at a relatively low price point. In the coming weeks as we enter the full swing of Fall with High Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years (just to name a few), step into your local retailer, and ask the question... "I am shopping for price and quality, where is your best buy in Red, White or Sparkling?" If they can't answer you with reason, you are buying wine at the wrong place. As a wine enthusiast, you'll secretly be toasting success at the next dinner party.

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