Friday, October 2, 2009

Give Back, Kick Back and Save BIG this Holiday Season!

Here at Personal Wine, we work triple time to make sure you get your personalized wine bottles on time, everytime. What has allowed us to rise above the rest is the quality of our wines. Search the competition and see for yourself that there are plenty of companies who will personalize a bottle of "mystery" juice. At Personal Wine, we source the finest premium brands from world-reknowed vineyards and wineries. The wines we choose deliver excellent quality and price and we make sure the labels look great! Every recipient will know exactly where the wine came from, and what they are receiving because the back label says it all. There is no mystery as to the quality of the wines we select.

This holiday season you can be the hero. A bottle of personalized wine, if ordered by the case, can cut the cost of your holiday thank you and Christmas gifts down to under $20 per gift. You will receive a "WOW" you haven't heard in years, at a price that won't break the bank. The best part is that when you order from Personal Wine, you get one-on-one service with our sales and graphics team. Give us a shot, and we promise to over-deliver at a phenominal price.

Have a Happy Holidays from Personal Wine!
Alex Andrawes CEO, Founder
(512) 476-9463 ext 304

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