Monday, September 21, 2009

Countdown to the Winter Holidays...T Minus 10 Days

The winter holidays are fun, dynamic and hectic here at Personal Wine. As we enter into our 10th year in business, we celebrate our 12,000th customer. The most interesting thing about this customer is that they wanted personalized wine for a memorial party, celebrating the live and death of a World War II pilot who lived a grand life after several near-death experiences in the Pacific front. We'd like to say that everyday we get cool label designs, but this one hits home. After 9/11, we all look at veterans and our armed forces as people who have sacrificed their lives and the lives of their families to better the lives of those abroad and those here at home. We'd like to say thank you, and we love you to guys and gals who wear bear Stars and Stripes. Now our business officially kicks into high gear in October as individuals and companies rush to find that perfect holiday gift. Tickets to the theatre, lavish dinners, and trips have fallen way-side as we all practice financial responsibility.

At Personal Wine, we are no different. We've lowered our prices, up to 40% off regular price, and created special packaging to ensure that your holiday, wedding, or birthday gift can be personalized using an award-winning wine under $25 with shipping inclusive. Shop with confidence that you will receive award-winning customer service and know that you're buying a wine that people will enjoy at Personal Wine. This holiday season, you will be the hero. All you need to do is sit back and listen to the praise which will kick start 2010 on a positive note!

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