Thursday, October 11, 2012

Election Day 2012 Wine Poll

Whether good times or tough times We the People like to drink our wine, regardless of the state of the economy. Can our government take away alcohol again just like the did in the old days of Prohibition? Not going to happen, no way...

This is why the 2012 Elections are so important and in the Spirit of America, to keep things straight, we're releasing for the first time ever the 2012 Election Wine Poll. The rules are simple...Go to the
Personal Wine Election 2012 Site  

1. Simply select your Label and Customize the text  
2. Choose your wine  
3. Guess the Electoral College vote tally by putting your Red States vs Blue States in the Order Notes Field in the Check Out Process
Depending on the label you select, we'll keep a tally of Obama vs. Romney Labels which will reveal the REAL election results. At the Order Checkout, in the order notes field, guess the total electoral college votes in this election. If you win, you'll get a FREE CASE OF WINE, valued up to $500 which you can customize to your liking. 

Either way, you WIN and so does America!

Cheers,  The Personal Wine Crew

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Thomas - Wine Club Guide said...

Haha! This is a great idea! I was just talking with friends about an Election Night Party and this is a great idea. What kind of wines will be in the case? Obviously, it should be mostly American wines, but what about some great French wines, oh, and Madeira! The Founding Fathers loved Madeira, apparently... in any event, it will be fun to play this game as well as the typical election drinking games - one sip for every mention of "47%" or whatnot. Have fun, everyone!