Monday, November 12, 2012

Personal Wine Suggestions for the Holidays

We'd like to take a moment to honor and pay our respect for the millions of people out there who have served in the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Special Forces. Thanks to you we enjoy our liberties and we salute you. We wish you warmth, happiness and fortune not just today, but every single day. Thank you so much!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Wine Pairings

White wines are a must-have pre-dinner glass. Paired perfectly on the white side with dry or sweet Riesling, Torrontes or Viognier. These wines have a distinguished nose and they have medium to higher acidity which doesn't dominate the palate. In fact these wines have acidity that will give the foods a cutting taste which will help break down the fattiness in the meal. With that said, its no crying shame to bust out the higher acidity chardonnays which are no doubt a game bird's best friend. With higher acidity, you have the choice on buttery or bone-dry chardonnay. Buttery chardonnay is barrel aged and typically found in California. For bone-dry chardonnay try Oregon Chardonnay or head to Santa Barbara California.

On the red side there are a plethora of options. Spanish wines are all the rave these days, due to their balance, tannins and bold fruit. One thing you don't want to do is open up a bottle of tannic, dry wine. This will absolutely dwarf the turkey's taste. Consider the following options including Pinot Noir with lighter styles coming from Oregon and Burgundy, France. These wines are a bird's best friend. With spice, backwards fruit and a lighter style, they are feminine wines designed to accentuate poultry. If you want something on the more masculine side, then head to California's Sonoma Coast for some heavier style Pinot Noirs.

Other red wines to consider include Garnacha - lighter in style than most Spanish varietals, but has spice, soft tannins and acidity that is uniquely designed to tear into fatty turkey, also pairs well with stuffing. Its got a cranberry-like taste to it (but no sour or sweet), almost tart-like. These wines are not expensive, which gives it a big plus.  Rhone Valley - Rhone Valley wines are syrah blends. While syrah or shiraz tends to be full bodied and jammy, with loads of fruit, Rhone Valley wines contain blends of Mourvedre and Grenache which tone down the fruit, while maintaining tannic structure and balance. For hundreds of years, monks in the South of France cultivated and produced these wines in a very sustainable way that continues today. Lower in sulfites and higher in tannins, these are considered to be the most healthy choices in wines out there.

We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with our suggestions and if you need any advice on wines or pairings, please hit me up on Twitter @personalwine or via Facebook.

Best wishes for the 2012 Holiday Season!

Alex Andrawes
CEO, Founder
(800) 690-WINE

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