Sunday, November 18, 2012

Celebrating 12 Years of Personalized Wine

by Alex Andrawes, CEO & Founder

This year, we've celebrated over 12 years in the business of personalized wine bottles and champagnes. Since 2000, after graduating from college, I had the vision of a company that would be customer service oriented with a focus on obtaining the highest quality wines and combining them with our customer's designs. Personalized wine is not an easy thing to select, and giving customers' the ability to select from defined list of "the best" is a yearly goal that we set at Personal Wine. From the time wine enters the bottle at the winery, we are on the hunt. Thousands of miles in airplanes and panels of wine sommeliers (Educated wine experts) yield a careful selection of 30-50 wines that make the final cut. This is what we offer at Personal Wine...fine wine with customized labels.

Wine is not unlimited, at least not fine wine. Fine wine isn't made in a tank using a clear formula. Wine is dependent on the land where the grapes are grown commonly referred to as terroire, and then dependent on weather and finally the hands that are used to carefully craft wines into masterpieces. At Personal Wine, we select wines that come from great fruit, produced in the optimal climates and blended/produced by the greatest winemakers of our time. While our competition is focused on sales, we're focused on repeat business and we know that will only come by giving you the highest quality experience inside and outside the bottle.

Personalize your wine label, select your personalized wine bottle and then check out. Three simple steps which are not as easy as you'd think when it comes to making a wine label design tool that enables quick ordering. We've spent over three decades worth of man hours studying habits and how people use our previous designers to give you a label designer so simple, even technically challenged people will enjoy using our wine label design tool.

We know that price is always an issue in this day and age and as a result, we're committed to offering our customers wine deals and promotions that will keep you coming back for more. We also know that wine is the quintessential gift, going back more than 10,000 years. At Personal Wine we want you to know that we are aware you'll likely be using us for your Holiday and Christmas wine gifts and we are honored you've chosen us. Please let us know how we can improve our personalized wine selections and custom wine label designs. 

Thank you and have a Happy Holidays!

Alex Andrawes
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
(512) 476-9463 ext 307

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