Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The British Are Coming!

Perhaps the reason this caught my eye is because my roommate’s boyfriend is here for the summer and he is from London, so I wanted to read it in order to pass on my new found knowledge. Or perhaps it caught my eye because there just aren’t too many articles out there about English vineyards, so I figured it would be notable. While England might be a great place to get a good brew and some fish and chips while watching a fútbol match, it is not the first place I would think to travel to get a top notch glass of wine. Well, what many of us are trying to prevent might actually help the British in their wine ventures…Global Warming. Who would have known? For anyone that has been to England they know it can be rather chilly and it rains ALL THE TIME! While the rain isn’t so much of a bad thing, there is always the threat of a frost that can ruin their crops in the spring. With the climate change, the frost would not be as much of an issue and they will hopefully have a longer ripening period similar to that of grape growers in California. All in all, this means that the quality of English wine should increase over time as the wine makers adjust to the new temperatures. So be on the look out for the British…cause THEY’RE COMING!

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